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I asked him about this and he told me that he found a way to view private Myspace pages and he also said he can view my friends. How is this possible, and is there a way to prevent people from viewing a private Myspace profile? I added some code for hiding my friends list on Myspace, but my ex-friend somehow got the whole list and sent it to me as proof. How did she do this? Isn't that a security problem on Myspace? Help, I forgot the password for my Myspace account! Now I can't login and people think I'm dissing them because I can't reply to their comments.

How do I get the password, or have it reset so I can login? My daughter has two Myspace accounts.

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One gives out too much personal information and we want to delete it. But we don't remember the password and we no longer have access to the email account she used to create the account. Myspace only lets you cancel if you KNOW the email and password. I have sent emails to Myspace, but so far no replies.

How can I get them to cancel this account? I read your guide to adding music to a Myspace profile.

To turn My Visitors on or off, here’s what you do:

But I've had trouble adding music to a Myspace blog posting. Is it possible to add or embed music in our myspace blogs? How do you put a gif or jpeg image into a comment on Myspace? I see other people leaving comments with pictures, but I don't know how. I have a song on my hard drive an MP3 music file and I want to add this song to my Myspace profile.

I don't want to use a song from the Myspace Music library, the song is already on my hard drive, but I can't figure out how to make it visible to Myspace. How can I do that? My school has banned Myspace, so we can't access it from any computer in the school.

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They are also making new rules about what we can post on our private Myspace profiles. One kid got suspended for criticizing the principal on Myspace. Is this legal? Can they really control what we do at home? Is there any way around the Myspace ban? I added a song to my Myspace profile, but it won't play automatically. Other Myspace profiles have music that starts playing when I visit them. How can I make sure the music plays when someone views my profile on Myspace?

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My daughter is 12 years old and I just found out she has a Myspace account with some stuff that's not appropriate. The account was deleted, but I want to make sure she has no access to Myspace in the future. How can I do this? My child is 16 and has a Myspace page.

He tells me the only way to make his Myspace profile private is to set his age to 14 or 15 years old. Is there a way to set the Myspace account to private so only friends can visit their page without lying about your age? So you have a Myspace profile To be sure, Myspace was never the Library of Alexandria.

But knocking Myspace as a tomb for white emo high school souls seriously undermines its value; in , a Pew study found that Myspace represented half of all social network users in the United States, who included more women and black and Latinx people than any other major network, and whose median age was At its peak in June , Myspace reportedly surpassed Google. Emo and metal and witch house were there, but so was crunk, trap, drill, pop-rap, psychedelic soul.

A cacophony of voices mourned them in comment threads from around social media:. Will we be able to play this music ever again? My son recorded a song when he was 7 years old that his guitar instructor uploaded to his Myspace page. My son died 2 years ago, at the age of 20, and I would do anything to be able to hear it again. I wrote a song in 9th grade and uploaded it to MySpace. It showed the file was still there but it would never play. Listen count was at like But I really wanted to listen one last time.

My father was tragically murdered around 12 years ago, before Facebook was really a popular thing.

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He instead had a MySpace, and keeping it alive in his memory meant everything to me. He has as much to grieve as the next Myspace user, having lost the bulk of the music he and his now-deceased friend made early in high school. I think the person who was most nostalgic for it was me.

The big-picture loss to Sinneway is more the elimination of hyper-local history. He would click through rabbit holes of connections, ending up in a circle of small metal bands from the outer suburbs of Chicago. There are the bands that broke up, and their music was left on Myspace. The point is, Myspace fans could be the Beatles fans of tomorrow, if reduced to the most meager of scraps, and of scraps of scraps.

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At least two of the bands are defunct, and one artist is dead. Back when Myspace was founded, before most companies were using third-party cloud storage, companies would have had to hire expensive engineers to maintain data. And then I throw it out and go, oops, that was a receipt I kinda needed, too bad for me.

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Brian Wilson, the co-founder of the data storage provider Backblaze, thinks about it in terms of the Tenerife airport disaster, the deadliest-ever plane accident where two planes collided on a runway ostensibly because the captain skipped one step from the checklist—but only after a sequence of horribly-timed events including a terrorist attack at a separate airport, a traffic jam, fog, miscommunication by ground control, and radio interference at the fatal moment.

Shit happens. Over video conference on an mid-week summer afternoon, Jason Scott, software curator of the Internet Archive, turns his monitor to show me his mixtape crawler. Eight million user-designed pages on Geocities, 15 years of encyclopedia Encarta, million accounts on Friendster, to million photos on Panoramio, over a million rare tracks on what. People come to him all the time looking for baby photos. While Scott runs the Internet Archive, legions of free-range hackers are stockpiling backups elsewhere.