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Also located there are microfilmed copies of original survey plats and tract books from the Bureau of Land Management BLM. Original township plats are available at the North Dakota Water Commission. However, the BLM has copies of plats, tract books, and patents on file as well. The Office of the Register of Deeds holds the county-level land transfer records.

Most North Dakota county offices still hold the land records for their particular counties. See Also Guide to U. Land Records Research.

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Testamentary and probate matters in North Dakota were originally presided over by the district courts. District court duties included handling the removal and appointment of guardians and administrators. Those records can be obtained by contacting the clerk of the court in the particular county of interest. Probate Records Research.

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North Dakota tax rolls are kept by the county auditors. Some of them go back to when each county was founded, while others go back to when North Dakota became a state. The Chester Fritz Library also has a special collection of some of those records on file.

Tax Records Research. However, most of those older records can now be found at the State Archives and Historical Research Library. Almost all state records of naturalization and immigration are included in that collection. They cover the years of through and include information on all those who applied to become citizens during that time period.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota features an index of the 53 county naturalization records on its website. Immigration Records Research. North Dakota contains 53 counties. Fujita, 20 N. It is often necessary to resort to leading questions in order to elicit facts from a witness who, because of hostility, ignorance, diffidence, or other reasons will not or cannot give fair and full answers. It is often proper and commendable to direct the witness' attention to the subject of inquiry, or to refresh his recollection as to some omitted detail, by a leading question.

We believe that the record in the instant case discloses that the method of examination pursued was harmless error. Waxler was 15 years of age, was forgetful, diffident, and uncooperative, and clearly was a reluctant and unwilling witness. The trial court did not, under the circumstances, abuse its discretion in this case. Your Notes edit none. Cited By 8 This case has been cited by these opinions: Higby v. State State v. Jenkins State v. Igoe State v.

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Allen State v. Cota View All Citing Opinions. Authorities 9 This opinion cites: State v. Johnson, N. Shannon, N. State, P.

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Galli, P. Please support our work with a donation. Supreme Court of North Dakota. November 26, Murphy, Fargo, for defendant and appellant. Richard Dwyer appeals to this court from the judgment of conviction, and asserts as error the following: 1.

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The verdict of the jury is contrary to law and clearly against the evidence. The trial court erred in refusing to instruct the jury as to defendant's Requested Instruction Number One. The evidence was insufficient in the following particulars, to wit: A. The testimony of Gregory Waxler was wholly uncorroborated as required by law in the case of an accomplice.

There were manifest errors of law occurring at the trial which were duly excepted to or specified herein. In support of this contention, Dwyer specifically refers to the testimony of Gregory Waxler, which testimony is as follows: [Cross-examination of Gregory Waxler by Mr. Murphy] "Q Let me ask you this question: Did you and the defendant at any time discuss the purchase and sale of marijuana? Admittedly, the defendant took the role of at least an agent, and the act specifically declares an agent in a narcotics transaction to be a seller.

We are of the opinion that the definition shows a legislative intent that the act of a person whether as agent, either for the seller or the purchaser, or as a go-between, in such a transaction constitutes a sale. A further specification of error urged by Dwyer is that the court refused to instruct the jury pursuant to Dwyer's Requested Instruction Number One, which reads as follows: "A conviction cannot be had upon the testimony of an accomplice unless he is corroborated by such other evidence as tends to connect the defendant with the commission of the offense, and the corroboration is not sufficient if it merely shows the commission of the offense, or the circumstances thereof. For reasons stated in the opinion the judgment of conviction is affirmed.

Newsletter Sign up to receive the Free Law Project newsletter with tips and announcements. In North Dakota, public records are made available to the public, but finding a specific record can be difficult.

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Public records are all kept by different government bodies, but there are multiple ways to find the record you need. DUIs in North Dakota are serious offenses that can affect offender of the law for many years after the initial offense.

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Even first time offenders can expect this and potentially more depending on the circumstances. North Dakota law enforcement officers create police reports or arrest records anytime they interact with the normal citizenry. The Freedom of Information Act serves as a method for citizens to hold their government accountable for their actions.

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