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DMV records. We conduct similar searches for other areas where an applicant has previously lived or worked. A federal offense or crime is one which violates a federal statute a law passed by the US Congress.

Misdemeanors and felonies are typically violations of statutes which have been passed by the state legislature or local authority. Federal offenses typically involve criminal activities which are national in nature. Examples include accounting fraud, counterfeiting, gun law violations, corporate crimes, computer hacking, health care fraud, etc. Searching local or state records seldom reveals federal crimes. At Crimcheck, we conduct federal offense searches across a number of national information sources. These include criminal databases, the FBI database, federal court records, national sanction lists, national sex offender lists, and many others.

In the end, we produce a report detailing arrests, convictions, incarcerations and pardons for federal offenses and crimes. The reports can contain records stretching back up to seven years.

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Background checks are invaluable for staffing agencies. This is because, given the nature of their b The venerated and prestigious Inc. Magazine has just published its list of the fastest-growing compa Large fines may also be applied to the conviction.

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The list of felony crimes can vary according to jurisdiction. The national sex offender listing database is coordinated by the Department of Justice and enables the general public and government authorities the ability to obtain the latest information among all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and numerous Native American tribes about the identity and location of known sex offenders.

Anyone convicted of a sexual offense is added to the database and remains there for their lifetime, even after they have completed their sentence. A serious traffic violation is usually a traffic crime that can be punishable as a misdemeanor or felony.

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Often referred to as moving violations, serious traffic violations do not usually include such petty issues as parking tickets, expired tags, or speeding tickets. The listing of what constitutes a serious traffic violation differs from state to state and is specified by a state statute. Some examples of serious traffic violations can include speeding 30 mph or more over the speed limit, reckless driving, driving under the influence, hit and run accidents and fatal car accidents, among others.

A conviction record details the conviction of a crime that a person receives in a court of law. Conviction records are stored both physically and digitally by local, county or state law enforcement or other government agencies. A conviction record can include both misdemeanors and felonies. Inmate records provide information on a previous or current inmate and include such information as name, date incarcerated, expected release date, convicted offense and mugshots of the inmate. The boards often have specific guidelines used to determine whether an offender is capable of release or still remains a risk to society and also has the power to revoke parole if the outlined parole conditions are violated by the offender.

A parole board also recommends clemency matters, including pardons, to the governor. Probation is often given to convicted offenders by a judge instead of or along with incarceration, allowing the offender to be released back into the community under certain restrictions. Like parole, probation is an alternative to incarceration but is different than parole because it involves conditions placed on an offender prior to or in lieu of serving jail time. If the conditions of probation are not met, then the offender may likely be incarcerated or provided with tougher conditions and fines.

Offenders placed on probation are usually of minimal risk to society, unlike a person who served time in prison and is on parole. The conditions of parole vary widely and are sometimes outlined in statues or under the discretion of the judge. The length of time an offender is placed on parole widely varies as well, anywhere from just the time it takes to pay off a large fine, to a few months or possibly several years.

Some examples of probation conditions include fines, community service, education classes and having to report to a parole officer regularly. Juvenile criminal records are sealed criminal records not available to the public. They are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. Juvenile criminal records include information regarding a juvenile or minor person under 18 years who were detained or found guilty of a crime as a juvenile.

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Juvenile cases are treated differently than adult cases. When arrested, a juvenile is considered detained rather than arrested. When the juvenile goes to court, the case is adjudicated and a disposition is declared. The reason juvenile records are sealed is to protect the juvenile so that one mistake does not follow them for life.

About Criminal Records : Refers to understanding the basics of criminal records and the criminal records search industry. The most central topics that must be researched prior to beginning a successful search include access and availability of these records, how they are organized according to jurisdiction, as well as what kinds of criminal records exist. Acquittal : When the court hearing a case, formally absolves the defendant from blame in regards to the charges brought against them. The defendant is found not guilty. Arrest Records: This is a record of all arrests-or stop and detainments-made by law enforcement of a criminal for committing a specific offense.

This record typically offers the criminal charges owned by the arrest, the law enforcement arresting the individual, and the jurisdiction in which the arrest was made. Arrest Report: When a person is put under arrest for suspicion of a crime, a report is filed.

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