How to find old high school friends

These are created based on your profile information; for example, it's more likely to suggest people from your own city or school. So, the search will be more fine-tuned the more details Facebook has about you. By choosing 'See all results', you can also filter the results to show only 'People'.

How to Meet New People - 6 Tips for Making More Friends

Once you find the person you're looking for, simply click 'Add Friend' to send them a friend request. You also have the option of sending them a message with your friend request use the down arrow next to 'Add Friend'. As well as being considered polite, this could help them remember you if it's been a long time. Facebook will offer you suggestions of people you may know, based on factors such as how many mutual friends you have. To view your recommendations, select the 'Friend Requests' button resembles two people. For each suggestion, you can either 'Add Friend' or 'Remove'.

By choosing the latter, it will be replaced by a new suggestion.

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Facebook's tool for importing your email address book could also be very helpful -- it gives you a list of all of the people that you've emailed who are registered on Facebook. To use this tool, select the 'Friend Requests' button as above and click 'Find Friends'. This brings you to a page where, as well as your friend recommendations and requests, you'll find an 'Add Personal Contacts' box.

How to Find Old Friends on Facebook

If not already shown, type in your email address and click 'Find Friends', following the directions provided. As well as being able to import your email contacts, this page also provides options for searching for friends by hometown, location, school, employer or even mutual friend. There are so many ways Facebook can help you to find friends you've lost touch with. That is, of course, if they're on Facebook.

But, if it turns out they're not, you could always send them an invite. After you've imported your email contacts, the 'Find Friends' page will offer you the option to invite friends. Simply type in their email address and click 'Invite Friend'. For more information on using Facebook, as well as other social media such as Twitter, Skype, YouTube and many more, see our how-to guide to using social media.

If you don't have enough information to use the online tools, or you can't seem to find any trace of your friend on Facebook or other social media, you could look into using a professional 'tracer'.

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Websites such as Finder Monkey offer a people tracing service. And, with Finder Monkey, you'll only pay a fee if the exact person you're looking for is located. At the end of the day, we can't guarantee that you'll find your long-lost friend. Find out how other retirees have made new friends, expanded their social lives and even experienced unexpected health benefits from retirement lifestyle changes. Do you want to learn more about your family history? Are you looking to trace your family tree?

No problem. There are a whole host of websites dedicated to just this. If you're just starting out on your ancestry research journey, the following websites are free to use: - FreeBMD allows you to search some birth, marriage and death indexes for England and Wales.

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As much as you two can share drinks and laugh, the friendship won't really get back to where it began unless you can discuss any serious issues the two of you may have. Life happens," Wiercyski says.

Seeing a friend is a gift. Seeing an old friend is a special treasure.

You and your friend both deserve this. While they are still your friend, pretending that no time has passed would be unhealthy and unwise. It's OK to consider what is different, and it will help the two of you decide whether your friendship is strong enough for a second shot. Honor that, and go into it with curiosity about the person your old friend may have become.

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Really, a whole host of emotions and reactions are possible. You may end up comparing yourself and If your friend has had amazing success or is at a point in life where it looks like [they have] everything together, it can definitely shake your view of where you are in life — no matter how successful you really are! To feel best when reconnecting with an old friend, take some of the pressure off of the moment and simply try to find joy.

- The Washington Post

Going into getting together without expectations allows you to honor the relationship you had without the pressure. You, and your friend, deserve to see how your relationship can evolve. It just might take a little bit of work. Keep It Simple. Be Direct. With people getting married, changing names and a growing number disillusioned with Facebook it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on that particular site as the go-to place to conduct your search, so the opportunity has become ripe for others to go about the task in a more reliable, specialized manner.

So, there has never been a better time than now to go hunting for long lost friends and alumni and perhaps organize a bit of a reunion. The world has changed so much over the last years and if you are now in or approaching your 40s, with or without children it would be fascinating to take that trip down memory lane, not to mention find out what your old friends have done with their lives so far, where they live, where they have travelled and what they make of all this!

Shared experiences when you are young and perhaps in your formative years are unbelievably strong and as you probably know, live long in the memory. And yet we all can have very different perspectives of the same events and revisiting them can yield fascinating new ways of thinking about them that can bring laughs, tears, joy and even a bit of closure if necessary.

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