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Love from your wife", and booked her flight home.

After an initially tense reunion, it appears that Hylton accepted her word and the pair were, at least temporarily, reconciled. On the day before Lurline's return from New York, Hylton purchased a quantity of revolver cartridges. His explanation was that he kept the gun for security purposes; there had been recent burglaries and other criminal activity in the area of the family home, and he was concerned that his ammunition supplies were running low.

Despite the outward cordiality, Hylton remained suspicious. On 5 May he learned that the Rose's garden helper had taken a letter from Lurline to the local post office. Believing that this was to be posted to Francis in New York, Hylton went to the postmistress and demanded to see the letter, but was told that this was impossible. In the early hours of the following morning he challenged Lurline, implying that he knew she had written to Francis and claiming, falsely, that he would be allowed to read the letter later that day.

Any account of what followed immediately after this confrontation is based on Hylton's own testimony. According to him, she admitted the affair with Francis, and then taunted her husband, saying she should have followed her parents' advice that he was not of her class.

She continued: "I have found the man I love, you cannot stand in my way. Yes, I have slept with him My body belongs to him. Blood all over, and I realised that I had shot my wife. In the shocked aftermath, nobody thought to call for medical assistance.

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It is unclear whether immediate medical attention could have saved Lurline's life; she was suffering from multiple bullet wounds and died not long after the attack. Hylton himself called the police, who failed to caution him as he gave an incoherent, self-incriminatory account of the night's events before being taken into custody. The trial was scheduled for October Hylton was represented by Vivian Blake , one of the island's most prominent counsel. Blake was briefed by Hylton's solicitor, Noel Nethersole , who had been Jamaica's cricket captain in the s and was a prominent West Indies Cricket Board member.

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It is likely that both Blake and Nethersole worked pro bono , as Hylton could not have afforded their fees. MacGregor had a reputation for severity, particularly towards working-class defendants. Lurline Hylton's alleged words to her husband, according to a trial report. Since it was beyond contention that Hylton had fired the fatal shots, the only conceivable defence was that of provocation, that had driven him to an act of passion.

If Blake could show that Hylton was unreasonably provoked by his wife's behaviour, and had acted without premeditation, he might be convicted of manslaughter rather than capital murder. However, as corroborative evidence for Hylton's version, Blake produced the letter which Hylton had tried to intercept, in which the deceased explicitly expressed her love for Francis and a hatred and contempt for her husband. The most damaging evidence against Hylton was the prosecution's revelation that Lurline's body had seven bullet wounds, meaning that at some point Hylton must have reloaded the six-shooter — this indicated calculation, rather than an act of blind rage.

He also dismissed the significance of the failure to caution Hylton before the arrest, and allowed his confused and self-incriminating initial statements to stand as evidence. The trial ended on 20 October MacGregor was unmoved, and sentenced Hylton to death by hanging. An appeal against the verdict was dismissed in January , by Jamaica's Supreme Court. The court considered that Hylton's response to the provocation he suffered was "entirely disproportionate", and confirmed his conviction and sentence. His one remaining hope was that Jamaica's colonial governor, Sir Hugh Foot , would grant a reprieve, and a petition requesting clemency was arranged, supported by many of the colony's leading citizens.

On 9 May the governor rejected the petition, and announced that the execution would take place on 17 May. Hylton appeared to accept his fate with a stoical dignity and calm. In his last weeks he was received into the Roman Catholic Church. Hylton was hanged, after refusing the traditional last breakfast, and his body buried within the prison compound.

One of the Jamaicans in the side, J. Holt , was having a difficult time in the field, dropping several catches. With what the cricket writer and commentator Tony Cozier describes as "a ghoulish sense of humour", spectators displayed a banner reading "Hang Holt, Save Hylton". Hylton's international cricket career was brief, its main impact confined to a single Test series, but was sufficient for later commentators to describe his combination with Constantine and Martindale as a forerunner of the great West indies pace partnerships of the s and s.

Little if anything of his career was published in cricket histories. A brief obituary appeared in the Wisden , but gave no details as to the manner of his death; only many years later, an addendum recorded that he was executed for murder. James , the Trinidadian historian who wrote much about cricket and socio-political issues, said nothing about Hylton, [2] while Michael Manley , in his comprehensive History of West Indies Cricket , refers to "Leslie Hylton, that fine but ill-fated Jamaican fast bowler", without providing further explanation.

Two years after Hylton's death, the law in Jamaica relating to provocation was changed, so that determining what was sufficient to establish a defence became a matter for the jury rather than a judge's direction. Had that law existed in Hylton's time, it might have saved him. Capital punishment remains legal in Jamaica. However, it has not been carried out since , when a moratorium suspended its operation for 20 years.

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When the moratorium expired the Jamaican parliament voted to retain the death penalty, but it has remained unused as at early From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Source: CricInfo , 11 June The fact remained, however, that [England's] batting was generally at fault, breaking down badly against the concentrated attack of fast bowling represented by Martindale, Constantine and Hylton, a combination described by Wyatt himself as the best of its kind in the world.

After all these years, I have wasted my life with you, and now that I have found the man I love; you cannot stand in my way. He has given me joy what I have never known with you. I want to bear his children. Yes, I have slept with him. I never felt like that before. I am Roy's, Roy's, Roy's! This arrangement persisted until late in the 20th century, when the administration of English cricket was reorganised. Had the party waited longer, their passage home would have been on the SS Athenia , sunk by a U-boat on 3 September , Britain's first shipping loss of the war.

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Categories : births deaths Sportspeople from Kingston, Jamaica Jamaican cricketers West Indies Test cricketers People executed for murder Executed Jamaican people People executed by the Colony of Jamaica by hanging Jamaican people convicted of murder People convicted of murder by Jamaica Jamaica cricketers. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. West Indies. Competition Tests First-class Matches 6. One of the assailants demanded Rosiclair's necklace, but as Rosiclair struggled to remove it from his neck, Tillery shot and killed him. The assailants then walked back towards their vehicle and fled. The exchange lasted approximately two to three minutes. Following Rosiclair's murder, NYPD detectives received information from a confidential informant that two of the assailants were known on the street as Lonnie and Shiloh.

According to the informant, the two were at Jennelle's Rose Garden the previous morning. The informant stated that Lonnie was wearing a red Coogie sweater and Shiloh had been wearing a beige-colored outfit. The informant also identified Hylton from police photographs as the person he recognized to be Shiloh.

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At Hylton's trial, Rebecca Etoria "Etoria" was the only witness who identified Hylton as Tillery's beige-clad accomplice. She first saw the man she eventually identified as Hylton while she was waiting in line to enter Jennelle's Rose Garden. One of them was wearing a red Coogie sweater, another, a beige outfit. Once inside the nightclub, Etoria stood beside some of the same people who had jumped the barricade, including Tillery and the beige-clad assailant.

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The record, however, does not indicate how long she stood near them. During the robbery, Etoria sat in the front passenger seat of one of the cars that Rosiclair's friends drove to Nicky's house, where she had an unobstructed view of the three assailants as they walked towards Rosiclair and his friends. She testified that the beige-clad assailant "looked directly" at her as they walked past the car that she was sitting in. After Tillery shot Rosiclair, the three assailants walked back to their vehicle, again passing Etoria.

Etoria testified that Tillery and the beige-clad assailant glanced at her as they walked past and that the beige-clad assailant glanced longer than Tillery did. As the assailants fled, Etoria realized that they were some of the same people who she had seen jump the barricade outside the nightclub and who had stood beside her inside the nightclub.

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