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GoodHire is an employment screening and history check company that is a good option for small businesses who need to outsource the screening process. The service is easy to use and their prices are considered to be affordable. Their technology integrates directly into most major HR systems. HireRight Express is an online service provider that allows you to do employment verification, criminal records search, motor vehicles records search, address history, terrorist watch list, and sex offender registry checks.

A report may include when available offense type and date, court name, case number, the outcome of the charges, and more. Read our full Intelius review. IRBsearch provides online access to more than 34 billion records from over 10, sources. If you need to find information about someone, IRBsearch provides searches for people, assets, businesses, courts, licenses, phones and more.

In the last decade, the NCIS handled more than million checks, leading to more than , denials. Although Pipl is not a background check company, they do offer data services to several different companies. Unlike a typical search-engine, Pipl allows you to do a deep public information search by retrieving information from the deep web.

Requirements by State

Spokeo is a people search service that aggregates and organizes information about people into simple and comprehensive online profiles that are accessible to consumers, businesses, and non-profits. Read our full review of Spokeo. It is a complete investigative system for finding knowledge and insight. It combines advanced search capabilities with massive and unique data repositories. Licensed investigators can use TLOxp for:. A gun background check is used when an individual tries to purchase a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is responsible for licensing all dealers.

All dealers are required to run a check on the purchaser through the FBI. The dealer can submit the information via the phone or online and can get a response in a few minutes. Read more. Proactive job seekers can use the resources below to get a copy of their own reports. It is better to know what is in your own report.

This is another popular trend. Business background checks allow you to learn about companies before doing work with them by performing a comprehensive search. A business check can be used to determine if they have filed for bankruptcy, who has liens against their assets, and if they are a legally operating company. In addition, business licenses, OSHA violations, litigation, credit check, liens and judgments,, SEC records if a publicly-traded company , Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce in the city, consumer complaints, products and services, reputation, legal status, industry, major competitor and finally a criminal check or the owners or officers of the company.

Other information may be provided depending on the service provider and the amount of detail you need with each inquiry. Other key data points confirm such things as membership in various organizations, political affiliations, ethnic profile, and religion. However, these cannot be used in making a hiring decision. In some cases, screening companies may go further than merely pulling reports. Additional steps may include a drug test and speaking with personal references. In cases where the person may be working with children, the company may conduct a sex offender registry search.

Of course, if someone is applying for a position in the military, a military service history check will be necessary. The cost of reports and verification services vary widely. In general, you will need to contact the provider directly to get pricing information. In most cases, pricing will be either a subscription model with monthly or annual charges or fixed pricing.

Be sure to understand the cost and fees involved before purchasing. If you are working with a private eye, get a quote upfront for all fees. Of course, while searching online for companies that provide public records, you will likely come across advertisements promoting the availability of free services or police record searches. Truly, some reports and data may be available for free in the form of public records.

However, a true free check is likely not available, or will likely be incomplete. Some online detective software packages suggest that you can invest just a small amount. Then, you can use their software and then conduct unlimited searches for free. In reality, you do get unlimited access to their search tools. Unfortunately, that unlimited access usually provides you with little more than free telephone number and address searches.

Our advice is to ignore the advertisements for free checks.

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However, the law only applies to background checks performed by an outside company, called a "consumer reporting agency" under the FCRA. The law does not apply in situations where the employer conducts background checks inhouse. In addition, many state labor codes and state fair employment guidelines limit the content of an employment background check.

Under the FCRA, a background check report is called a "consumer report. The FCRA says the following cannot be reported:.

The most recent change to the FCRA made criminal convictions reportable indefinitely. California still follows the seven-year rule CA Civil Code To find the limit for reporting criminal convictions in your state, contact your state employment agency or office of consumer affairs.

Other laws that should be considered:. In California, an exception exists for the health care industry where any employer who has an interest in hiring a person with access to patients can ask about sex related arrests. And, when an employee may have access to medications, an employer can ask about drug related arrests.

Employers need to use caution in checking criminal records. Information offered to the public by web-based information brokers is not always accurate or up to date. This violates both federal and California law when reported as such. Also, in California, an employer may not inquire about a marijuana conviction that is more than two years old.

To gain access, employers must register with the WCAB and confirm that the records are being accessed for legitimate purposes. In such situations, employers often terminate the new hire because it appears they falsified the application.

Although these laws should prevent an employer from considering certain information, there is no realistic way for the applicant to determine whether such information will be revealed in a background check. This is particularly true for investigations conducted online where the information obtained from web-based information brokers might not be verified for accuracy or completeness.

Out Of State Residents Requesting A New Jersey Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check

For example, if you were arrested but never convicted, a data search could reveal the arrest, but the investigator who compiled the information might not delve further into the public records to determine that you were acquitted or the charges were dropped. Reputable employment screening companies always verify negative information obtained from data base searches against the actual public records filed at the courthouse. Aren't some of my personal records confidential? The following types of information may be useful for an employer to make a hiring decision.

However, under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, the employer is required to get your permission before obtaining the records. There are other questions such as age, marital status, and certain psychological tests that employers cannot use when interviewing.

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These issues are beyond the scope of this fact sheet. If you have further questions, contact the resources at the end of this fact sheet. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the fair employment agencies in the states handle these issues. What can my former employer say about me?