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We hope that this service will make paying your property taxes more convenient for you. Please feel free to come by the office anytime.

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We look forward to seeing you. Serving You Is An Honor,.

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Stacie Hyde Meigs County Trustee. In this capacity, the County Trustee's Office is bound by law to collect all county real and personal property taxes, to keep a fair regular account of all money received for County Government, and to invest temporarily idle County funds. The Trustee also disperses sales tax revenues. Property Tax Maps. Property Tax Calculator. Find My Tax Assessor. Property Tax Records. Property Tax FAQ.

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Calculating Property Tax. Homestead Exemptions. On their part it's very sophisticated to use symbols that have a convoluted meaning as far as what they may actually represent, and it does provide a built-in veil of sorts," Simi said. It's really a form of cultural change they're achieving.

They're trying to change the discourse, and they're doing a hell of job. Other posts by individual members also shed some light on their ideological leanings and prior ties to white supremacist groups. In a February post, Eric Meadows shared a photo on Facebook of himself wearing a Nazi military cap complete with a swastika over a skull and crossbones.

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Scottson criticized Trump in the post because he "visited the Jew rock. NOT by sucking up to the established systems.

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The "88" is commonly understood by hate group experts to stand for "Heil Hitler," with the number "8" standing in for the letter H, the eighth letter of the alphabet. The owner of Ray's Rods, Jason Choate, has been operating his auto repair shop about a mile from Johnson's property for years and said he doesn't think the community will welcome the Wotans Nation. Meigs County is a small community and everyone sticks together. When people in this community make up their mind that you're not welcome, then they have their own way of taking care of things," he said.

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If they cross the line, they'll find themselves in a world of trouble," Choate said. It's unclear what effect Wotans Nation might have on the community, but Heidi Beirich, director of the intelligence report at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said having Meadows at the helm in Meigs County is troubling. Those are the connections he's bringing to Tennessee.

But the group has every legal right to do what it will on private property, so long as its members are not breaking the law. When you have those compounds, you end up getting an influx of all kinds of ugly white supremacists, but there's nothing illegal about all that.

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I can't say for sure that this group is going to spill over into violence, there's no way to know that. Peter Simi said some hate groups have been known to arm themselves and fortify private property throughout the country. Meigs County Mayor Bill James didn't know about Wotans Nation until contacted by a reporter, and he declined to make a statement about the group, but he did comment on his constituency more generally.

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They go to church, they worship God and they raise their children that way," James said. Christy Kecskes' son, Wesley, described their "quiet little town" as a place where privacy is at a premium and "people don't like others to stick noses in their business. His friend, Jacob Cooley, said the community's respect for privacy and property rights might appeal to a group that wanted privacy. The most redneckiest place you'll ever meet in your life.