Oregon hot springs recorded deaths

His death reportedly took place at the Norris Geyser basin area of Yellowstone National park, an area that is marked as being off limits and even secured with a closure to keep people on the appropriate path and away from what is known to be an incredibly dangerous area of the park.

A Brief History of Deaths in Yellowstone’s Hot Springs

When Scott ventured into the Norris Geyser basin area of the park, he was with his sister, Sable Scott. Unfortunately for the Scotts, they had chosen an area of Yellowstone National Park fraught with extremely hot, acidic hot springs and thermal vents.

Man's Body Dissolves in Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park

AP When will people learn that nature beats man every single time in the man vs nature fight?? AP How horrible for his sister to witness.

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When will people learn to heed warnings? This means you! They should let visitors see video. Share via Email.

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She was recording with her cellphone when he fell; the incident was captured on video. Sable Scott notified park authorities, who sent a search and rescue team that was thwarted by a lightning storm.

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They couldn't recover her brother's body from the pool, and upon returning the next day, found that the acidic waters had disintegrated the body. Scott was not the first person to attempt to bathe in the park's waters to nasty effect.