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When you search for someone, you'll get a list of people and the option to view their "full profiles. You can even get directions to their home.

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On the main results page, you'll see an option to find "more information" for the person, including another phone lookup, public records or property records. When you choose those options, you'll be brought to the website of Intelius, ZabaSearch's parent company, where you can pay to access that information.

ZabaSearch doesn't say exactly where it collects its information, but the service's site does say that it collects it from a "broad variety of public record sources. In the simplest method, you would search for the person's name. You can also choose to limit your results to particular states. So, if you know that someone you're looking for lives in New York, you can simply input their name and "NY" on the ZabaSearch homepage, and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can search by a phone number.

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Simply input the number on the main page, and ZabaSearch will return results. You bet. In fact, ZabaSearch operates as a free service to help you find basic information about yourself or other people and then head over to Intelius to pay for additional services. With help from Intelius, you can search for other phones a person might have or conduct a background check. You can also use Intelius to search public or property records. The company charges different prices depending on what you want.

A more in-depth people search, which includes information about their social networks and education, will set you back 95 cents. ZabaSearch has a simple opt-out form that you can access here to remove yourself from the service's database. You'll need to input your email address and other identifiable information and then request to have your data removed.

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According to ZabaSearch, it'll take seven days for your information to be removed from the database. One other option that may be effective is to try Googling the person's name along with the phrase "cell phone number" or "phone number. If you are getting too many unrelated results, try putting the person's name in quotation marks. You can also locate a person's phone number by using an iOS app.

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  • There are several apps that let you do this for free. The BeenVerified app is free and allows you to search a name and pull up phone numbers and addresses associated with that name. Other things such as arrest records and social media profiles are pulled up as well, but may require a paid subscription to view. Intelius also offers a free reverse phone lookup and people search app. You can search for people with this app for free and pay to see other information like in-depth background reports.

    WhitePages also offers a free people search app that provides the same information as its website does. Android's Google Play Store also has a number of free options for looking up a person's phone number.

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    PeopleLooker can be used to find a person's home and cell phone numbers, age, address, email addresses and relatives. You can upgrade the app to find other information such as social media profiles and criminal and traffic records. The Find People Search app allows you to find an individual's phone number along with a full address.

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    PeekYou and Radaris People Search are two more free apps to consider as these also allow you to find phone numbers for individuals on your Android device. You also may be able to locate a person's phone number by utilizing social media websites like Facebook. You can find this information on Facebook by searching for the person by name.