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The special taxes for CFDs created to finance authorized public facilities infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, water and sewer lines, police and fire stations, etc. Special Taxes for a CFD created to finance authorized public services are levied to pay for the service provided such as lighting, landscaping, and maintenance of parks and trails, etc. Do CFD special taxes have a maximum amount?

All CFDs have maximum special tax amounts which cannot be exceeded. However, the amount of the special tax levied in a given year may be less than the maximum special tax rate.

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The amount of special taxes levied may fluctuate from year to year; however, they cannot exceed their annual maximum amount. Due to the fact that the annual CFD special taxes levied on a particular piece of property could be below the maximum special tax rate for that property, a potential buyer or seller of property should not rely on the amount shown on the property tax bill for disclosure purposes.

Do CFD maximum special taxes increase? Yes, the special taxes for CFDs that are on the property tax bill have an annual escalator. CFDs 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 provide for an annual escalation of 2 percent. Does a CFD special tax decrease?

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When and how are the CFD special taxes collected? Special taxes are collected by the San Bernardino County Tax Collector as part of your property tax bill. The special tax is generally itemized on your tax bill. Under certain circumstances the City can elect to bill the property owners directly.

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What is the amount of the CFD special tax for the current fiscal year? All property exchanges and sales prices are reported to and recorded by their respective counties so that property taxes can be assessed for the new owners. Since , the L. County registrar-recorder has sent the assessor electronic copies of recorded deeds, as well as a separate file listing the buyer and seller names which remain confidential and the recording date, document number and transfer tax. County assessors, however, do provide a mechanism for homeowners to keep price information private.

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The buyer, when recording the grant deed, must indicate that the transfer tax is not a public record. This is done because transfer tax can be used to determine a sale price.

Before computers, searching for sale prices required visiting or phoning the local county assessor office to access the information. County Assistant Assessor Bonnie Oliver.

Pssst! It’s no secret

Posting sale prices online is perfectly legal. Builder and real estate flippers -- speculators who buy and then quickly resell homes -- often want to conceal what they paid to keep prospective buyers from discovering their markup. Lowering Property Taxes Since Four Southern California Locations. Contact Us For a Free Evaluation.


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